Frequently Asked Questions

or How to Start the Counseling Process
How do I schedule and appointment and what should I expect?

Just give us a call at (937) 459-4025 or email us at  We’ll ask just a few questions then we will set up a time that’s convenient for you.

Are my counseling sessions confidential?
It is extremely important to a client that what they share does not become exposed to others.  We take confidentiality seriously and deem this part of treatment as “absolutely imperative” in the development of a healthy counseling relationship.  Federal law protects the client and is the hallmark of counseling.  Please let us know if you have any questions.
Is it normal to feel nervous about starting the counseling process?
Yes.  Evaluations are difficult yet important to identify and assist your attorney, court, and other mental health professionals who will be treating you.
How do I pay for services?
We do not take insurances and only work those who need evaluations.  We accept cash, checks, and major credit cards for your convenience.  We also offer Care Credit for those who have difficulty with self-pay.