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We welcome you and are happy that you are ready to begin your journey of healing.  We hope your experience with us finds the positive and fulfilling outcome you seek.  We look forward to assist you in your decision to begin achieving your goals. 

Ronald L. DeLong, Ph.D. & Associates, LLC provides extensive, confidential, and premium counseling services in the areas of mental health, addiction, and sexual health services in the Greenville and Dayton areas as well as throughout the State of Ohio. Our specialty services center on improving relationships, dealing with trauma, sexual issues to include pornography addiction, forensic/court cases regarding sexual crimes, substance abuse, and general life stressors and issues.

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We accept most health insurances are accepted. We also accept major credit cards, check or cash in the event that you have a co-pay or are self-pay.

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You may contact Dr. DeLong via his office phone: (937) 459-4025, cell phone (419) 305-7213, or email: drrondelong@gmail.com  You may also find Dr. DeLong on LinkedIn. 


Our Services

Relationship Counseling

We address the central ingredients of a healthy relationship and assist you in building this individually and as a couple. 

Addiction Services

We provide an in-depth evaluation, individual, and group services to address the issues and concern of addiction.  We also provide services for family members affected by addiction.

Sexual Health

We assist clients who are struggling with sexual issues which have become problematic within relationships, i.e., pornography use.  We also address gender issues to include evaluations for gender transition surgery. 

Forensic / Court Services

We provide comprehensive psychosexual evaluations for the court, attorneys, and other organizations to address problematic sexual behaviors which have caused much conflict.  We also provide intensive programming for those who have these behaviors and concerns.  

Anxiety, Depression & Stress

Within our daily lives problematic issues arise which can cause an overload of emotions.  We provide services which assist you in helping cope and understand these concerns in order to live a more productive and stress-free lifestyle.

Youth & Teens

Growing up is difficult and exciting.  However, there are times when more is needed to assist families in helping with their children and adolescents.  We provide services in which we assist the children and teens as well as the parents in resolving concerns and problems. By doing so parents can offer the guidance and support for their children to grow into well-adjusted adults.